Friday, June 12, 2009

Video is here!

Okay, I finally got the camera software installed so that I can post videos. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Michael wasn't quite sure what to think of the sand at first. Then he decided it felt pretty neat and he should try to see how it tasted. Oops!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Michael had his first beach experience this past week. We have been on vacation for the past 11 days - first in Myrtle Beach with Grammy and Papaw and then to Isle of Palms with Nana and Papa. I came back with 192 pictures, so this is a SMALL sample of the great times we had! Michael was 21 weeks old the first day we were down there.

I know he looks serious, but I thought this picture was precious - I wonder what goes through his mind??

We had fun floating in the lazy river at our resort. I did not think Michael was old enough for one of the resort tubes, so we just used his boat.

When the sun was not in his eyes, Michael had lots of fun riding in his boat. His favorite game was to be pushed back and forth between two people.

The family at the beach

Michael attracted a lot of attention on the beach, but then I already knew he was a good looking boy :-)

Sweet boy

This is right before he tried to crawl in the sand and got a big mounthful (OOPS!). He decided the sand was fun to dig in.

Lounging outside under the trees.

Five months old. He can sit up on his own when he doesn't get distracted. He has a tendency to find things he "needs" to reach for and loose his balance.

See - he thought this plant needed to be adjusted.

22 weeks old - I promise he has his swimming trunks on, but this is probably my favorite picture from the week.

Sitting by a giant tree to take my "22 week" pictures.

When we went to Isle of Palms, Nana and Papa wanted a picture of Michael with his cousin Suzi. After many tries and "smiles" and everything else we could think of, I finally got a good picture with both of them smiling.