Saturday, September 26, 2009

I can open drawers now, and love to empty out Papaw's socks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Changing so FAST!

It seems like Michael learns something new and changes a little more every day. He is developing quite the personality and is keeping us all on our toes! Tonight, we opened the dryer to get some laundry out and Michael proceeded to empty every article of clothing out of the dryer, into the floor (but all pieces had to be properly shaken first!) He was squealing and laughing the whole time. I wish I found laundry that much fun.
He is also down to holding on to one of your fingers to walk around. It won't be long now until we are chasing him all over the house!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks -
This is the outfit that Nana and Papa bought for him. When Papaw saw it, he asked what is "Ro ArI?" I had to explain that the shirt says "ROAR!" Apparently, his eyesight is getting worse in his old age!
At the dock in our neighborhood -
Poor Callie is such a sweet puppy. She lets Michael "walk" her, throw her ball for her and she even steps back if he tries to come and play in her dish (we now have to put those up when Callie isn't eating!)
I know you can't see Michael very well, but I thought this was still a cool picture with the sunset in the background....

Friday, September 4, 2009

8 months?!?!

Where have the last 8 months gone?! Time seems to fly by these days, but Michael turned 8 months old this week. He is into everything and keeps us all on our toes. He always seems to be "busy" - so much so that sometimes he doesn't want to nap because he has other things to do. Here are some of the latest pictures:

TEETH!! Michael's first tooth popped through on the bottom about a month ago, but he has been very protective. I have just now gotten pictures where you can actually see the tooth (barely).

He also has the two on top - which were not fun to cut apparently. Only one fussy day per tooth is not bad, right??

These are his "8 month pictures". As you can see - he is hard to catch because of the constant distractions. Is it a good thing that he is so observant and curious?? He tried to eat the bark....

Ah.....the wind in my hair! His hair is getting long on top and curling some when its wet.

And my personal favorite - LOOK AT ME! I CAN STAND ON MY OWN! Today he was able to stand on his own, squat down for a toy and ALMOST made it back to a standing position. I counted today and Michael can stand on his own for almost a minute. We are also starting to take a few steps on our own...